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Dancing Deities in the Diaspora: Danced Religions of Afrikan Diasporic Spiritual-Religious Traditions

This panel will focus on Afrikan Diasporic spiritual-religious practices that have significant dance traditions. Panelists will discuss the hxstories of dance traditions of Vodou, Candomblé, Umbanda, and Traditional Ifá, and Regla de Ocha-Ifá amongst other spiritual-religious practices, the dance traditions’ role in their sacred spaces, their codification in institutional-secular training, and in choreography alongside Modern and Contemporary compositions.

Moderator: Nadia Milad Issa


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The Global Militarization of Police: Black Freedom and International Solidarity

This panel will focus on how The Black Lives Matter movement in its stand against white supremacy and state sanctioned violence inflicted upon Black communities, has become a movement that transcends national borders, for around the world rings a rallying cry against law enforcement agencies designed to maintain cultural hegemony, social hierarchies, and public control through brute force. Relying on a culture of fear, policing in its many forms as a global institution decrees an unilateral vision of national identity and is a greater tactic of state repression. Militarized police tactics are utilized and exchanged from country to country, so the same must be true of the methods of revolution. 

Moderator: Lesedi Graveline


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Panel 3


Native and African Ways of Being in Community: Resilience As Resistance

This panel will foster conversation surrounding the shared history of Native Americans and Africans within the United States. Dialogue will include but is not limited to: slavery - both by white plantation owners and Native American tribal nations, how the historical narratives of the traditions have utilized each other in light of the upheavals, and the idea of resilience in regards to resistance in the context of white supremac​y. 


Moderator: sadada jackson


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Panel 4


Alumni Doing the Work

This panel will feature alumni doing community work across various fields and platforms.

Moderator: Chavis Jones


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Panel 5


Student Panel:

Study, Struggle, and Liberation

This panel will explore the intersections of study and transformative justice while connecting to broader themes of theory and practice. Panelists will form their projects around the questions how does study operate within racial capitalism, and how does it connect to religion and spirituality in a historical and present context? Panelists will also give accounts of what transformative justice and abolition mean to them and relate it to the conference theme, B.L.A.C.K. (Black Liberation, Activism, Community, and Kinship).

Moderator: Amaia Cook


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